Ganagapura Ashram Visit of Sri Swamiji - 12 & 13 September 2007 :

Sri Swamiji established Ganagapura Datta Ashrama in the year 1999.

Every Poornima day, nearly 500 people participate in the Bhajans, Homa and take Anna Prasadam at this Ashrama. Free Medical camps are another regular activity here.

During last year’s Devi Sharannavaratri celebrations, Sri Swamiji had asked Dr. DR Rao to undertake the essential construction works in Ganagapura Ashrama. Accordingly, he spearheaded the developmental activities, in consultation with Sri Madhusudan (architect of Amma vodi). Construction was handled by Sri Vara Prasad (Contractor and devotee from Hyderabad.)

Sri Swamiji was in Ganagapura to inaugurate the first phase of Construction comprising of a dormitory, kitchen & dining hall, new toilet block for pilgrims and renovation of the Guru Nilayam block that consisted of a charitable clinic, quarters for Sri Swamiji and three guest rooms. His Holiness inaugurated the buildings on 12th September 2007.

Next day, Sri Swamiji laid the foundation stone (Shila Nyasa) for the new Dattatreya Temple in Ganagapura Ashrama at 7 AM. He announced that this Kshetram will be known hitherto as Viswaroopa Datta Kshetram.

Salient features of this Kshetram, as decided by His Holiness:

Sri Swamiji suggested that devotees shall be a part of this Datta Kshetram establishment by the way of contribution and writing the sacred name “Sri Datta” as many times as possible.

Later, before starting to Hyderabad, Sri Swamiji visited the holy confluence of Bheema and Amaraja Rivers (Tributaries of Krishna River) for Puja and Samprokshanam. This year assumes significance, as Sage Pushkara is said to be present in this river for the entire year. More than 250 Students from two near by schools were given books, pens and food on this occasion. A medical service camp was also organised in Ashrama premises.

Ganagapuram Ashrama Entrance
Shilanayasam (Laying the base stone) for Vishwaroopa Datta Kshetram at Ganagapura.
Inauguration Stone slab
Inauguration of Annapoorna Mandiram at Ganagapuram
Inauguration of Renovated Guru Nilayam & Clinic at Ganagapura Ashrama
Samprokshanam at Sangama (confluence of Bheema and Amaraja rivers).
This is the year of Pushkara Snana, which occurs once in 12 years.