Installation of Guru Paduka Mandiram - Ganagapura Ashrama (10th April 2002):

On 10th April 2002, Sri Swamiji had visited the Sangama Kshetra (confluence of Bheema and Amaraja Rivers). After offering Arghya to Surya Deva (Sun God) amidst the drowning Sun’s Golden Rays, He has sprinkled water on all the devotees. Then he circumambulated the Oudumbara Tree and paid visit to Sangameswara and Narasimha Saraswati Temples in the Sangama.

Nextday many devotees had the chance to offer Pada Puja to Sri Swamiji. Local officials and devotees partipated in the day’s programs with great interest. Dayanand Rangda, Suresh Bulbule were prominent among them. After Dattatreya Homa Poornahuti, Srichakra Puja was performed. In His benedictory message, Sri Swamiji had exhorted devotees to utiise the opportunity to serve mankind in his personal capacity. He outlined the priorities for the humans, who have rather misplaced preferences than clear cut Selfless Goals. He announced the decision to build a Guru Paduka Mandiram (A Shrine for the Padukas), New Guru Nilayam in the first floor and improve the facilities for visitors. At 10.30 AM, Guru Padukas, made of black granite and a marble stone Dattatreya were consecrated by His Holiness amidst mass chanting of Datta Stava by Devotees.

Sri Swamiji visits the famous Datta Temple in Ganagapur
Sri Swamiji meditates after Puja in Ganagapur Ashrama
The Paduka installation ceremony at Ganagapur Ashrama